Nivas lifting

With a lifting kit, measuring on the fender arch, 5.5-6 cm lifting can be reached. These numbers can be reached by using new parts. Above the spring, spring washer; and between the upper swing arm and upper incorporating ball a spacer is installed. The shock absorber is replaced to a longer one.

The distance - measured from the ground – with original spring before modification is 79 cm, after it, is 84 cm. The distance at the rear suspension is 86 cm after modification with the usage of spring change and spring washer. The shock absorber is replaced to a longer one. The perfectly operating halfshafts , probably as the result of the changed suspension length, are likely to start to make cracking noise, therefore the inner halfshaft joints replacement is recommended.

Material requirement:

  • 2-2 pieces of springs
  • 2-2 pieces of dampers
  • 2-2 pieces of spring washers
  • 2 pieces of halfshaft joints
  • 2 pieces of upper incorporating ball spacers.

During this modification the whole wheel aligning decomposition is needed: the damaged or worn parts are required to be replaced for the vehicle’s perfect operation.