Lada Niva 4X2 vehicle

This unit consists of a joint pinion shaft and coumpling, which disengages the front-wheel drive of Niva. The disengaging of the unit is possible in slow motion with pushed clutch pedal without loaded powertrain. The closing of the shafts is similar.

We can take care of the parts and their professional installation in our service station at a pre-arranged time with guarantee.

If you do not wish to come into our service station, it is possible to send us the replacable unit and we are going to send the full components back which you can easily fit in with only 5 screws. (3. photo)

Niva will not lose its characters, the 4X4 and the 4X4 differential lock also operates. Using 4X2, Niva has another driving method, when only the rear wheel is driven. (basically every Niva type 1.6 and type 1.7 cars are 4X4 vehicles.)

-Less: consumption
-Less: abrasion
-Less: front wheel drive friction
-Easier: steering (just as it would be power steering) -Sportier driving, easier acceleration.

It is also safe, because the original 4X4 can be switched anytime, in winter, on dry or on wet road, in straights and in turn.

To whom is 4X2 Niva recommended?

For those who mainly use their Niva Vehicles on tarmac, where 4X4 is useless. It can still be turned on when arriving off-road, before obstruction. The transfer case lock can also be turned, where the front and rear cardans turn with the same speed. When turning, the drive chain could tense.